cancer now contagious?

Research is now showing evidence that certain forms of cancer may be contagious. Studies being conducted on tumorous Tasmanian devils and dogs have shown that cancer cells can be transferred though the exchange of fluids and contact during sex and biting.

If cancer has now become contagious it will make the cancer situation grow out of control. As of today nearly 10 millions Americans suffer from cancer already. With the depleting of the ozone layer and cancer rates at an all time high, (not to mention the hereditary continuity of the the disease) cases will only increase. So much effort is being made to fight cancer but with this new discovery it puts things into perspective and seems like we may be losing the battle. As cancer shows more signs it may be transmittable in similar ways to the AIDS virus, we can only hope that people will not begin to seclude cancer patients like they do AIDS sufferers.

For more information in the topic please visit the following site:

Contagious cancer: The evolution of a killer


~ by underaglassmoon on August 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “cancer now contagious?”

  1. First comment ever FTW! so im just going to put this out there since this “cancer” is not exactly a new thing. I remeber it being a problem at least 6 years ago with Tasmanian devils. and as far as i know there is no other case of contagious cancer isint it possable thats its just some sort of disease that causes cancer like tumorous.

  2. Believe it or not, Themesong is not an 8 year old like his grammar suggests.

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