rogue spyware programs

In the past year I have noticed a significant increase in all of these rogue spyware programs. Essentially their goal is to make money off of suckers (hopefully not like you). They enter your computer the same way any other spyware would enter your computer; downloading crap or clicking on links promising ‘male enhancement’ or local singles in your area that are interested in hooking up.

11 thousand threats found, apocalypse approaches!

11 thousand threats found, apocalypse approaches!

Once the rogue application is on your computer you will be barraged with pop ups and notifications telling you that your computer is infected with tens of thousands of viruses and the only way to fix it is to give them your credit card number to activate the software. They can be deceiving sometimes and use common Windows logos and terminology but these programs really have no affiliation with Microsoft. I’m really tired of getting calls at work in regards to these programs, since the average user is easily fooled. To make things worse, its a real hassle to remove them.

Having said that, if you are stupid enough to download and or pay for these things you are an idiot, so why not bring your computer down to the local computer store and have them reformat your machine, its well worth the $150. 😉


~ by underaglassmoon on August 12, 2008.

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