superman? superlame!

In my most honest opinion, the worst superhero of all time has to be superman for the following reasons:

  • he is terribly overpowered; super human strength, high speed flight, seeing through walls, laser/heatwave eyes, super sensitive hearing… basically they took a bunch of superheros put them in a blender, heated it and served it with a steaming turd
  • i have never in my life seen someone with said abilities who struggled so much with the ladies, how about trading one of your powers and gain the ability to talk to women, your on again off again relationship with louis lane makes me want to vomit (btw why is the man of steel so whipped?)
  • finally his only weakness is kryptonite, which is a ton of garbage. ok, lets give superman one weakness, which means, ultimately we have to find some ridiculous way to fit the green substance into every single plot line and story in the entire series. how original.

As you can see this is one franchise I could do without.

man of steel, or pompous overpowered douchebag?

man of steel, or pompous overpowered douchebag?


~ by underaglassmoon on August 15, 2008.

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