Guitar Hero / Rockband vs. “The Real Thing”

Over the past few years the video game industry has been flooded by all of these “music and rhythm” genre games. No one can deny that some of  these games are quite enjoyable, but there is an ongoing debate on whether unleashing these games on the public has had a negative or positive effect on the rock genre or music in general.

  1. Lots of rock artists condemn the game for being a complete waste of time and hours should not be spent mastering a fake plastic guitar. They claim that people who play these games do so in replacement of the real thing. Kids see how easy it is to play a song on Guitar Hero and then don’t bother trying to learn it for real  since its much more difficult.
  2. The other side would argue that these games are good because they spread awareness of rock. Lets face it, how else are 12 or 13 year olds going to be exposed to bands like The Who or Cream? Getting kids exciting about bands such as these will then encourage kids to “follow in the footsteps of their rock and roll forefathers”.

Those are essentially the two main arguments in this discussion, this is where I stand:

I would be more for the second of the two choices because of the awareness it spreads. A lot of artists I listen to do not have too much commercial success and rarely see any kind of airplay. However these artists are all usually very technically proficient, which fits perfectly for a challenging Rockband track. So when these bands finally start landing tracks on these games they get A LOT of needed promotion. Having said that I wouldn’t invest too much time on either Guitar Hero or Rockband because spending excessive amounts of time on a real guitar is much more fruitful then memorizing “Through the Fire and the Flames” on expert in GH.


~ by underaglassmoon on January 12, 2009.

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