XHTML… more than just a suggestion

Lets face it, the majority of programmers end up working on some kind of web development throughout their careers, so lets do everyone a favor and get it done correctly. HTML may be extremely easy to learn and apply, however, what many people don’t realize is that they don’t actually use the markup language syntactically correctly. That many of there statements are not acceptable under the specifications of HTML but it is rather the browser in which the code is interpreted in is correcting their mistakes. This has basically degenerated HTML into an extremely messy language with a very loose specification.

Enter XHTML.

Don’t worry, there is hope.  USE XHTML. XHTML can do everything HTML can do, in fact it is essentially the same language except it cleans up some of the messiness. It adds a set of stricter rules such as: case-sensitivity,  and requires the proper opening, closing, and nesting of all tags. This makes the page much easier to read and understand.


~ by underaglassmoon on January 13, 2009.

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