when beer and mathematics unite

This is a very interesting article I came across which presents a model in which the head on top of a glass of beer degenerates. Immediate observation would suggest that the decline is certainly not linear, probably more logarithmic than anything.  However no physicist would be happy with such a vague distribution description so the author goes through step by step deriving an equation.  Of course the model is in itself complex I really enjoyed the thought process and mathematical steps.

This is the opening of the post. Sort of an abstract.

“When you pour a beer, there is this foamy top called the head. The size of the head decreases over time. What is this process dependent on? Clearly, little bubbles of beer are popping. Does each bubble have an equal probability of popping? Do only the bubbles on the top (or bottom) pop? I became aware of this idea from a colleague. Maybe he was going to do an analysis, but I haven’t seen it yet. If you do (Gerard), I am sorry for doing this before you. This may have been investigated before, but in the spirit of re-doing everything I have not searched for previous beer head studies.”

Read the post here.

Modeling the head of a beer – By. Rhett Allain


~ by underaglassmoon on January 26, 2009.

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