battlefield heroes


Battlefield Heroes is a new free-to-play game put out by EA as part of their very successful Battlefield franchise. It differs in the sense that it is cartoony and full of humor. You control your character in third person and has leveling and skill training mechanics similar to RPG’s. The bottom line is that the game was made to be very accessible and fun; little or no learning-curve, non-demanding computer specs, and more depth then most free games include.

The game is currently in a closed beta state, slowly releasing beta keys to registered users. I recently received mine and gave the game a try and was very pleasantly surprised. The game played very smoothly and the team based objectives were very well done. It’s in the same vein as Battlefield: Bad Company in the sense that it is a team oriented game that hands out points based on assists, capturing points, and healing teammates rather then relying on a simple kill/death ratio.

Check it out here.


~ by underaglassmoon on April 3, 2009.

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